December stuff

December 7, 2007

The pin is Holly and it’s in the Coffee shop:


There’s Goggles:swim-goggles.png

There’s the V.H.:


There’s a red guirar:red-guitar.png


Western Party is the Winner :-(

November 25, 2007

I voted for sports party so I’m disappointed

There’s A bandana in the plaza:


The pin’s in the cove on top of a haystack:


There’s 2 backrounds 1 in the forest and 1 in the dock area:


Lots of new stuff

November 23, 2007

Outside of theater outside-of-theter.png

the  map w/ theater


The insidein-side-of-theater.png

four things you have to know about the theater

  1. if you click on the srcipt it give you 6 pages that you can say
  2. if you click on the costume truck you can buy clothes but its ony for members
  3. if you click on one of the screens in the top right corner of the stage you can change the screens and lights
  4. if you click on the two puffles on top the yellow puffle will appear on either balcony


 this is the fourth time you were able to find the yellow puffle

and the empty tv screen in the hq is the theater


The First Secret is the Candelabra.  click on the Fire Pit.


Pipe Organ  click on the Upright Piano.


Concert Lights Click on the Speaker of the Home Stereo


For the Igloo Catalogue

On the Floor Removal Page Click on the Crowbar to get the Secret Stone Igloo.


 Click on the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo.   snow-door.jpg

 The Snow Globe. Click on Every Word “Snow” in the Catalogue.

On Page 2:

On Page 11:

On Page 11:

On Page 16:

On Page 17:

On Page 17:

Then Once you have Clicked all the Words, “Snow” Go back to Page 13 and Click on teh Basic Igloo’s Window. You should have the Option to buy a Snow Globe, Pop Up.


Rockhopper and more

November 15, 2007

The yellow puffle is in the plaza every 15 mins:


The pin is in the Dance lounge

Mission 5 (thanks to Miley8876)

November 8, 2007

I’ll give you the mission guide for the 5th one ::Hey,
The mission is out and this is a guide about how to do it:

1.Go to the HQ and find the AC 1000 in the gadget room and put it into your Inventory.
2.Talk to G about the analyzer and click the Forensic Analyzer 3000.
3.Open up your Spy Phone and get the comb out and place it onto the pink fur (Pink Puffle).
4.When you finish analyzing the pink fur, talk to G and he will provide you with white fur.
5.Put the white fur that you are given into the Analyzer and it will scan three items (Hot chocolate, Hot sauce and Fuel).
6.Finish talking to G and go to the Pizza Parlour, talk to the Manager about what happened with the mess and get the Chocolate and Hot Sauces.
7.Talk to the Manager again and he will ask you for help (to deliver a pizza to the penguin fishing behind the Ski Lodge).
8.Collect the Pizza box near the till in the Pizza Parlour.
9.Go to the Ski Lodge and click the ‘Ice Fishing’ game.
10.Talk to the penguin and give the pizza to him.
11.Go to the Coffee shop and talk to the worker about the mess and look at his drawing of the ‘Monster’.
12.The hot chocolate machine doesn’t work and you would have to fix it.
13.Place the mug under where it says ‘Press for hot chocolate.’
14.Put the Chocolate sauce into the funnel which says ‘Insert Chocolate’
15.Then open your Spy phone, get the spammer from the tools and click it onto the Milk hose.
16.At the side of the machine it has a temperature meter. Click it to make it turn hot.
17.Now you need to click the Hot Chocolate button. Move the mug with hot chocolate into your inventory.
18.Go to the beach and outside the lighthouse collect the net under the fishes.
19.Go to the Lighthouse and collect the rope near the red boat.
20.Talk the two penguins and go up to the beacon (up the stairs).
21.Use the AC 1000 to move the Jet Pack Fuel closer.
22.Open your Spy Phone and get the scissors and cut the string of the balloon and collect the fuel.
23.Then, visit HQ and find G (in the gadget room) then talk to him.
24.Put all 3 items into the machine (the goggle calibrator) G created. Make sure you place it near the blue funnel.
25.Talk to G when you have finished and collect the goggles and put it in your inventory.
26.Go to Ski Lodge and collect the candle near the orange couch.
27.Talk to the penguin (fisher) hiding in the couch and go to the ‘Ice Fishing’ game.
28.Put the rope together with the net and place it under the tree.
29.Put the candle on the net and the crab will come out and get trapped in the net.
30.The monster (Polar Bear) will also run away and leave some fur behind.
31.Take the fur of the ground and the crab which is trapped and place them in your inventory.
32.Go to HQ and find G and tell him about the monsters. Give G the crab.
33.G will tell you to put the fur into the analyzer. Get the fur from your inventory and place it in the analyzer.
34.It will analyze a polar bear. And you then finish your mission.
35.Collect your medal and your gift which is a ‘Pizza Box’ with a letter inside it.

Gold Puffle

November 1, 2007

A gold puffle has been appearing around the forest and mountain: 

Here is me and Bushdon25 (alex) and Oreo54512 (gabrielle):



October 26, 2007

The Bucket is in the Snow forts:


There’s 1 in the coffee shop:


There’s in the pizzia shop:


THere’s one in the binoculor’s on the cove (you have to wait) :


there’s one in the forest:


THere’s one in the nightclub you have to click the puffle then happy halloween:


THere’s on in the ski lodge in the mullet’s eye:


THere’s one in the lighthouse roof where the intertube is:


THere’s the one in the top of the mountian click the band on the hat: